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Little Big Snake


Little Big Snake is a multi-player snake game with big-eat-little gameplay. This competitive gameplay always brings competition for killing other snakes.

Little Big Snake's Gameplay

Welcome to this online snake game with addictive multiplayer gameplay! In Little Big Snake, you play as a small snake and must try to become the biggest snake in the game world. To complete this goal, players need to complete two tasks: get food and avoid collisions.

Get Food For Your Snake

You start with a small snake and your mission is to eat food on the map to grow. Your food is light spots all over the map. Every time you eat food, your snake will become longer and stronger.

Avoid Collisions In Little Big Snake

You need to avoid colliding with opponents or obstacles on the map, because this will cause you to lose your life and start over. However, you can attack other snakes and eat them to increase your size quickly.

Features Of This Snake Game

First, this Little Big Snake game has impressive graphics and vivid visuals. The game environment is beautifully designed with delicate details.

Second, this snake game attracts players from all over the world. You can socialize, chat and compete with other players in this multinational gaming community.

Finally, you can level up and unlock new snakes, costumes and special skills.

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