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Basketball Stars


Basketball Stars is an online 1-minute basketball game with multi-modes such as 1 Player, 2 Players, Random Match, Tournament, Training, and Quick Match. Choose your favorite mode and get more scores in 1 minute!

1-Minute Basketball Matches

Basketball matches in Basketball Stars will last 1 minute with interesting rules about gameplay, controls, and the use of superpowers.

Basketball Stars Gameplay

In this basketball game, your task is to control the character to compete with your opponent in 1 minute. Your goal is to get more points to get a victory by utilizing your flexibility and skillful handling.

Move your character quickly and run to the opponent's basket. Then, jump up and throw the ball into the basket. Each time you throw the ball into the basket, you will receive 1 point. However, with good throws, you can get more points.

In addition, preventing opponents from scoring is also your mission. When your opponent moves close to your basket, be alert and jump to block the ball.

To control your character, you can use the arrow keys to move. In particular, the Z key allows you to use superpowers.

In-Game Superpowers

Your character can use superpowers to increase fighting ability in Basketball Stars. Superpowers are very diverse in type and use. Some outstanding examples can be mentioned below.

  • Flame of Power: This superpower helps you perform long and high jumps. You can jump from your goal to your opponent's goal. In particular, your strength will increase many times so it is difficult to stop you in the process of using this superpower.
  • Freezing Rock: This superpower has defensive power as you can freeze your basket to prevent your opponent from scoring. If you use the freeze ability properly, you can stop your opponent's flame power.
  • Super Shoes: These superpower shoes will help you move faster and jump higher. As a result, you can gain more advantages over your opponents.

All Basketball Stars Modes

First, you have 3 options: 1 Player, 2 Players, and Quick Match. Each mode gives you one-minute basketball games. However, Quick Match mode is random while you can set up matches in 1P and 2P modes.

Second, if you choose 1P or 2P mode, you can continue to choose 1 of 3 other modes: Tournament, Random Match, and Training. In particular, you can also choose the number of members of your team. Each team can have 1 member or 2 members.

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