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Parkour Block 5


Parkour Block 5 is a computer parkour game where you control Noob to jump over different blocks and avoid hot lava pools. A purple door is your target! Are you ready to join a new trip with the Noob character?

Parkour Block Series

The Parkour Block game series has released 5 different versions and this 5th version is the latest version. Coming to this online game series, the character Noob is familiar to all players. This character will explore a new world full of dangers. This world surrounding is covered by dangerous lava. You will face this challenge to bring Noob to the safe door.

In addition to the Noob characters, this online game series is also famous for its classic pixel graphics. This graphic will take you back to the primeval world where everything becomes the simplest and most familiar. Although this design style is different from Moto X3M Spooky Land where there are thrilling races with a series of modern obstacles, this Parkour Block game series still attracts millions of players around the world. Therefore, the 5th version has been released to meet the entertainment needs of fans.

Parkour Block 5 Game

This new game will take you to the pixel world with familiar gameplay in many different modes.

Gameplay of Parkour Block 5

This 5th version still maintains the familiar gameplay compared to previous versions. In this Parkour Block 5 game, you will control your Noob character to jump over blocks and avoid falling into the lava.

  • The blocks are randomly arranged with different sizes. Therefore, you should be careful when moving on these blocks. Besides, there are different jumping distances among blocks which require players to jump higher and further.
  • Lava covers the entire ground and below the blocks. To avoid this danger, players need to avoid falling off blocks.

Try to move forward and reach the purple exit to new challenges.

Speedrun and Hardcore Mode

In Parkour Block 5, players can challenge their abilities with these two special modes in addition to normal levels. These two modes are clearly shown on the main screen.

Their difference is in the arrangement of blocks. The blocks will be arranged differently to require players to apply different skills. For example, in Speedrun mode, you will have to react quickly to combine jump and move at the same time.