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Paper.io 2

Capture as much territory as possible in this game

Paper.io 2 is a multiplayer territorial conquest game. With your flexible tail, you can circle any land to turn it into your territory with a distinct color. The victory ability will depend on your control skills!

Control Paper.io 2

In this online game, you can control your character flexibly with your mouse. You just need to move your mouse in any direction and your character will also move in that target direction. Moving smoothly and easily is the goal of this game. Besides, you can move flexibly in many different directions and collision is not a big problem for you. You can crash into the edges of the playing field or move into other players' territories. In particular, you can crash into other players' tails to destroy them. Movement is dependent on your ability. It requires improvisation to deal with different situations, especially those with your vulnerable tail.

Vulnerable Tails

An important element of Paper.io 2 is the characters' tails. When you move out of your territory, you will form a tail. It only disappears when you return to your territory. If any other player crashes into this tail, you will be destroyed immediately. It is a factor that creates competition between players. Therefore, the tail is the vulnerable part and brings danger to you. You need to protect it safely to survive in this gaming world.

Many different modes in Paper.io 2

In this game, you can enjoy a single mode where you have to fight the opponents by yourself. You have no supporters, so you must make a clever plan. This mode makes you feel lonely, so you can choose to play in a team. You can help your teammate try to expand your team's territory. The king is the team that has the largest territory. There are many other modes which are waiting for you to explore. I won't discuss their features here, so you must experience the other modes by yourself. Besides this multiplayer game, you may like Geometry Dash SubZero which is a fast-paced game with many challenges.