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Geometry Jump 2

Geometry Jump 2 is the 2nd version of the geometry jump version. It is a branch of geometry dash with climactic challenges that keep you jumping.

The popularity of this series is a strong lever to increase the popularity of this game. Since its release, it has won a lot of love from online players. This fondness had previously appeared in the Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro version. However, the record has been broken with this new version.

The Goal Of Geometry Jump 2

Like the previous version, this new version also gives you a geometry world with various types of blocks and obstacles. Your obstacles come in many shapes and so are your characters. You can change and transform into one of 7 shapes after moving through the portal.

With these familiar features, your goal will also continue to be to conquer the challenges and reach the finish line of the game. Please ensure the safety of your character throughout the journey and carry out this unified mission. Let's run until you can finish 100% of the race in Normal mode!

Steps To Play The Game

The steps to play the game are simple because you just need to open our website and search for Geometry Jump 2. Or you can also select Hot Games or New Games section and find this game. Once found, one click will get you to start the game right away. Wait for the game to finish loading and go on your journey.

Controlling your character is extremely simple when you just need to left-click or use the spacebar. This way of control is no longer strange to enthusiasts of this series because it constantly appears in many different versions. After that, don't forget to focus on the obstacles to get through them safely. Use your agile controls to run and adapt to any dangerous situation!