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Geometry Dash Leyak


Geometry Dash Leyak is a fan-made version of the Geometry Dash series. This version is considered one of the most challenging editions in the series.

How to play

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Leyak is similar to other Geometry Dash versions.

Controls of Geometry Dash Leyak

You can use UP ARROW, W, SPACE, or LEFT CLICK to control your character. This control way is similar to Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush. With each control, your character will jump up and perform jumps of the same height. However, this online game challenges players with many types of obstacles. These obstacles come in different heights. If you only jump with a single height, it will be impossible to win this Geometry Dash Leyak game. As a result, this Leyak game provides the players with jumping pads.

Jumping pads

This Geometry Dash Leyak game gives you jumping pads to make stronger jumps. When you touch the jumping pads, you will automatically jump higher and further. As a result, you can overcome great obstacles. This overcoming way also applies in Geometry Dash Asterose.

However, jumping pads do not appear in all locations. You need to observe and use jumping pads appropriately to avoid traps.

Leyak Difficulty Level

The difficulty of Geometry Dash Leyak reaches 10 stars. This difficulty level challenges all players.

The obstacles are intricately arranged with many types. Players must move skillfully to conquer this maze of obstacles.