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Geometry Dash Asterose

Geometry Dash Asterose is a pink-purple world with asteroids. Coming to this version, you'll join challenges from Goose with the flexibility of challenges.

This special journey received 16,000 likes on our website. You can see that on the home screen. Besides, there are more than 190 thousand shares. With this huge quantity, this new version confidently compares with other famous versions like Geometry Dash Shred. Let's find out, what's so interesting about this game that it can attract thousands of likes and shares.

Enter Geometry Dash Asterose World

As the game's name, this game is inspired by the infinite universe where you can see beautiful asteroids in the distance. Entering the game, you can see the scene through the background of the game. You can see rolling mountains and twinkling stars in the sky. In particular, the background will be covered with a vibrant pink color. As a result, your journey becomes much brighter. You seem to immerse yourself in a world full of hope and happiness.

In addition, the paths in this game are also cleverly designed by Goose with blocks, spikes, jumping pads, and jumping rings. In the beginning, you will perform 3 skills in a row: using jumping rings, jumping over spikes, and moving through a portal. The game will test your skills continuously and the challenges will reach 8 stars in difficulty. With this difficulty, it can challenge many talented players.

See Your Main Screen

On the main screen, you can keep track of important information about you personally when participating in this Geometry Dash Asterose game. You can see your score and number of attempts at the current turn. Besides, on the top right, you can see your highest achievement. Your score will be calculated according to how long you survived. Finally, you can pause and noclip your journey with the two buttons below.