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Mob Control


Mob Control is a building and fighting game with stickmen. Use a cannon to shoot stickmen out, upgrade your numbers with energy walls, and destroy enemy bases. Are you ready to join new adventures with these two main features?

Two Main Features

In Mob Control, players can experience two outstanding features: building and fighting. These two characteristics correspond to two playing styles. They are wonderfully combined and create unique experiences for players.

Building in Mob Control

Players can build their base through collected loot. Building a base is extremely important because other players can attack your base. Your base needs to be safe from enemy attacks.

Therefore, focus on building your base after battles. Each base will have fortresses. Build all forts to complete a base. In addition, players can build various bases with powerful defense and attack capabilities.

Fighting Gameplay

Fighting gameplay is presented through 2-player battles, a significant gameplay of SuperBattle 2 with various 2-player mini-competitions. This Mob Control game will connect you with a random player. Two players will attack each other until one base is destroyed.

How to fight?

Each player owns a cannon. Players just need to move the cannon continuously to create stickmen. In addition, these stickmen will be multiplied after moving through energy walls. Create as many stickmen as possible to destroy the enemy base! Pay attention to your opponent's stickmen. You will lose if your opponent's stickmen reach your base.

Other Features Of Mob Control

This entertaining game has many other interesting features. Highlights are Armory, Missions, and Shop. These items are only unlocked when you finish building the bases. The Armory section allows players to customize their cannon while you can perform missions in the Missions section to receive rewards. Don't forget to visit the Shop section to buy the necessary items.