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Dinosaur Game


Are you ready to discover the desert with a cute dinosaur in Dinosaur Game? Assist the dinosaur in jumping over cactuses and evading the birds while running.

About Dinosaur Game

The main character of this game is a dinosaur who has high jumps. This game is about his adventure in a large desert that only has cactus and flying dinosaurs. Many dangers are waiting for the little dinosaur and you will support him.

The original version

This game is launched by Google to keep users entertained when there is no internet. However, this game is becoming more and more popular and players have the need to play it even when there is a network. It is the reason why this version was released. Now, players can enjoy this game online. With the white and black graphics, the original can't capture some strict players.

The new version

In terms of features, this online version retains the basic features. Your main character is still a T-rex dinosaur and the obstacles are cacti. Besides, after you reach 500 points, the birds will appear. These birds can fly at different heights to challenge your control. The upgrade thing is the colorful graphics. The background is more colorful with green cactus and T-rex. The yellow sand and blue water make the game more impressive.

The Importance of Maneuverability

Your control is extremely important to conquer the high scores in this Dinosaur Game. You also control to make the dinosaur jump to avoid low obstacles. When you face high-flying birds, you should lower your head to avoid them. To do these two moves, you just need to use the arrow keys and down. Flexibility and agility in control will help you win high scores. Especially, when the game speed is getting faster and faster, it is important to show your control ability. With the high score, your username can be on the top of a leaderboard which shows off the top players in this game. There is another running game - Geometry Dash SubZero which has the same gameplay. You will control a geometry instead of a dinosaur in that game.