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Geometry Dash Lite


Geometry Dash Lite is the geometry dash version with the most levels: 15 levels for all players to conquer and overcome a variety of obstacles together.

This online game will also carry familiar basic features while new features will be expressed through each unique level.

Level Information

This version features a large number of different levels when the number of levels increases to 15. This is a large number of levels that many other versions cannot reach up to now. So, in these levels, what are the outstanding features?

Outstanding Features

First, the levels removed the Practice mode for all players. There will be no checkpoints for you to mark the successful journey. Instead, you'll be playing in an official mode right away, and each failure will take you to the starting point. With this feature, players will face more challenges when they can't practice. Before restarting the level, the game will count down to give you more time to mentally prepare.

Second, the difficulty of the game will be distinguished by the number of stars. If the level has three stars, it means that this is a difficult level. In contrast, if you are a newbie, you can choose the level with one or two stars. With 15 levels, you will experience 15 different difficulty levels from 1 star to 15 stars. The number of stars after conquering 15 levels is extremely large and they are the most valuable achievements of the game. If you feel it is a challenge to conquer these 15 stars, you can switch to Geometry Dash SubZero which is the latest version with challenges more suitable for players.

Some Significant Levels Of Geometry Dash Lite

As mentioned above, the game has 15 challenging levels for you to explore. This number of levels is more than Geometry Dash Limbo. The first level you will experience is the Introduction level, which can be considered the easiest level. After going through all the levels you will reach the final level which is Planet Hunting. Each level leaves each player with its own impression. Let's learn about the two most outstanding levels: Space Exploration and Planet Hunting.

In the Space Exploration level, players have the opportunity to experience adventures in space. Your character seems to be moving through the galaxy and jumping over every spike. Intertwining challenges combined with unique design effects have created an impressive level. Besides, Planet Hunt is the last level and also the hardest level in this version. Obstacles move more often and can appear more unexpected.

Geometry Dash Lite For Free Way

This Lite version is free for all players and it does not force you to play each level. You can choose any level according to your preference. You can even progress to level 15 immediately instead of playing low levels. However, you should consider this because progressing the levels will help you increase your control through each level. From there, your ability will be able to adapt to the next level. Playing level 15 from the start may be impossible to conquer. Every design of the game is towards freedom in terms of entertainment. Players have endured too much pressure in life and you can enjoy the free world in this new version. In addition, you can play following your own ways and strategies based on your experiences, so many fun situations will appear.