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Geometry Dash Limbo


Geometry Dash Limbo is a version of Geometry Dash series where your cube faces many dangers. Dangers are from spikes, slopes, blocks, orbs, and space portals.

How to play

This Limo version has similar gameplay to other Geometry Dash versions such as Geometry Jump 2 and Geometry Dash Flappy UFO.

Controls of Geometry Dash Limbo

You can use one of the following four keys to control your character.

  • W

All of these keys control your character's jumping, your main skill to conquer challenges.

Jumping Skills

In Geometry Dash Limbo, your cube character can rely on his jumping ability to overcome all the obstacles. For example, you can jump from platform to platform, jump high to avoid spikes or jump over holes. This jumping ability is extremely important for cube characters.

However, if you move through space portals, the character can change into UFO, Shipe, Spider, Robot, or Ball. In different states, your main skills also change. For example, a Ship character has the flying skill while a Spider character will run.

Level of Geometry Dash Limbo

This Limbo game has only one level with 10 stars. The difficulty of Geometry Dash Limbo is high compared to other Geometry Dash versions. Therefore, to conquer this Limbo level, it is not simple.

In Geometry Dash Limbo, players can face challenges from spikes, deep holes, and unexpected orbs in the early stages. In the next stages, the game challenges your control ability with space portals and changing slopes.

Are you ready to conquer Geometry Dash Limbo?