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Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers refers to a running game with a little boy to avoid the detection of police and his dog. Let's run and avoid obstacles while collecting coins! In this game, the police will keep chasing you non-stop, so you will need to run endlessly. It is also an opportunity for you to show off your control skills through the scores.

Scores And Power-ups

Players of Subway Surfers always want to get high scores. How to get a high score? Let's follow the two parts below to learn how the game calculates your score and how to use power-ups to increase your achievements.

Scores In Subway Surfers

The score of this running game will be calculated based on the distance and the number of coins.

  • In terms of distance, the boy protagonist will run on endless roads and your score will be proportional to the distance. This Subway Surfers game will rely on your run distance to count your points, so let's try to run as far as possible to get a high score.
  • In terms of coins, you can collect coins along the way and these coins will help increase your score. Coins are placed in many places on your way, so you can take advantage of this to significantly increase your score. In addition, this Subway Surfers game provides many power-ups for players to increase their collected coins. Besides, it is possible to use the powerups to improve your achievement of scores and distances.

Some Significant Powerups

In this Subway Surfers game, you can collect and use some powerups like skateboards and roller skates. These two items both give you advantages to move forward such as running faster, jumping higher, or flying in the air. These effects will help you avoid obstacles more easily and collect more coins. This can remind the Power-ups, Coins, And Trophies section in Geometry Dash SubZero because they have many similarities. Let's learn some significant power-ups in this Subway Surfers game to see more details!

  • Hoverboard allows players to slide easily on the paths of Subway Surfers. You will move smoothly and at a faster speed. In particular, power-ups will protect you from crashing for 30 seconds.
  • Mystery Box gives players unexpected items with special uses. Some significant items are Keys, Score Boosters, Trophies, 5000 Coins, Headstarts, and 10 Boards.
  • Score Booster can increase your score up to 3 use times. Your score can increase by x5, x6, or x7 after each use.
  • Headstarts can skip ahead and start running at a higher speed.

In addition, there are other power-ups such as Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coins Magnet, and x2 Multiplier. Players can collect them on their way and upgrade them in the Boosts section.

How To Control Subway Surfers

This running game doesn't require complex controlling way. Instead, players can easily move with 4 arrow keys and activate power-ups with the spacebar. With your control, your Subway Surfers character can jump over trains, slide through barriers, and turn left or right.

In some cases, players have to combine arrows to perform 2 or more moving ways at the same time. For example, when facing a 2-way tunnel with obstacles, you have to slide while turning to avoid collisions.