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Geometry Dash Meltdown


Geometry Dash Meltdown is a popular version in the geometry dash series where any obstacle can cause your character to melt into nothingness with a crash.

This game gives you new adventures in the geometry game series alongside other popular versions like Geometry Dash SubZero. Jump continuously and conquer all 3 levels! Similar to the basic gameplay, a collision can cause the game to end instantly. Now, let's dive into the specifics of the game to see the standout features.

Detailed information about Geometry Dash Meltdown

The details of this game include a lot of different elements. However, in this section, let's focus on the two most essential elements, including gameplay and levels in the game.

Familiar Basic Gameplay

The gameplay of this version will be familiar if you have run other versions in this series. All gameplay features are exactly the same as you only need to control your character to reach the end of each level. Control your character by using a spacebar, up arrow, or mouse click. While controlling, you only need to pay attention to the obstacles that can cause your character to be destroyed. These obstacles are big or small. No matter what obstacles you encounter, you need to avoid them immediately. This is also your mission in Run Sausage Run, but Run Sausage Run allows you to control your character's speed.

Besides the obstacles, the game also gives you jumping pads or rings to help you jump higher or jump in the air. These two items are usually yellow and they have the ability to glow. You will recognize them immediately. Coins and stars will also appear as your achievements. The more you collect, the higher your achievement will be at each level.

All Geometry Dash Meltdown Levels

This running game gives all players 3 levels, including The Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots.

The first level is The Seven Seas with ocean and pirate themes. In this level, players will conquer a series of obstacles on a ship at sea. Especially, the background music of this level is called Seven Seas. These two causes have brought this first level. In the early stages, you can move easily and the difficulty will increase gradually with moving platforms, spikes, and spinning blades. Running to the end of the level is a challenge, but it still can't compare to the difficulty of the second level, called Viking Arena.

The theme of the Viking Arena level is the same as its name as you enter a fierce arena full of obstacles. The difficulty of the game reaches 2 stars when fireballs and more spikes appear. Besides, the appearance of Viking masks will bring excitement to players. The masks will appear and chase your character. You can pass and collect them to unlock new skins and colors for your character.

Following Viking Arena, Airborne Robots is the highest difficulty level with 3 stars. This third level is inspired by the futuristic world where there are high-tech facilities and dangers. In particular, here, you will face deadly lasers, so you will need to calculate the jump time more carefully. Instead of Viking masks, you will see the appearance of robot heads. The function of these two items is the same. They differ only in design.

Diamonds In The Meltdown World

Besides the level change, this version also offers a new unit, Diamond. It is like a currency for you to exchange for new skins and colors for your character. Yellow diamonds are extremely common and they are located in many locations on the map. In contrast, rare purple diamonds are hidden in hard-to-reach locations. You will face many difficulties to achieve this type of diamond. You may even face failure while trying to get these rare diamonds.