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Run Sausage Run


Run Sausage Run is a running game with a special main character, a sausage. Control him to run to the destination while overcoming countless obstacles!

About Run Sausage Run

Welcome to the new game on our website! Let's learn about the controls of this game first.

How to control

To control the sausage character, you must use your LEFT MOUSE button.

When you click and hold the left mouse button, your character will lower his head and run faster. The player's task is to decide the correct time to use this running ability.

If you do not use this control key, the sausage character still runs forward. However, the speed is slow and the sausage stands upright. This control method is special because you can control the speed of the character. If you join Geometry Dash Schade, this feature is impossible.

Tasks while running

In Run Sausage Run, you have to run to the destination safely.

On the track, there are many dangerous obstacles. For example, you might be facing knives, beaters, or grills. These items are all dangerous to the sausage character. Therefore, you must avoid these obstacles while running.

Special items

During the run, your character can also collect some special items. These items will give you superpowers.

For example, you can slow down all the obstacles if you collect white snowflakes. If you collect the shield, your sausage character is invulnerable.

Tips for Sausage Run

To run to the finish line safely, your control over obstacles is the most important. However, you should prioritize collecting special items to conquer Run Sausage Run more easily.

Second, don't forget that the running speed when you click the mouse is very fast, so you can take advantage of this speed to move through obstacles.

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