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Stickman Climb 2


Stickman Climb 2 is a platform-overcoming game where a stickman is sitting in a float and holding an ax to move to the finish line after facing various dangers. Let's explore the second version to experience new thrilling adventures with your stickman!

Dangers In Stickman Climb 2

When participating in this online game, players have to face many different dangers to complete a level.

You may face spiked spinning wheels. These rotating wheels will continuously roll in different positions. They are dangerous because they will destroy the pot and your stickman. In this situation, you must respawn to start the game again.

Balls appear a lot on your paths. With special moves with an ax, it is difficult for you to move through the balls. These balls can move, so your ax cannot grip them firmly. These balls have a different direction of movement than a ball in Helix Jump. Instead of bouncing vertically, the balls will roll along the platforms.

The terrain includes many high walls, deep holes, and dangerous traps. This complex terrain will give you many challenges to control your character. If you want to control your stickman character more easily, let's move on to the next part.

Guides To Control Stickman

To control your character, you need to master the controlling way and some support items.

How To Control Stickman Climb 2

Let's use your mouse to control your stickman with the pot. When you move your mouse, the ax will also move in the same direction. Take advantage of the ax's push and pull force to move your character to the finish line and win each level.

Some Support Items

To assist the players, this Stickman Climb 2 game provides some support items. The most useful item is the portal which takes you through space from one portal to another. When moving through portals, you are not in danger from obstacles and can move faster.