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Helix Jump


Helix Jump is a platform-falling game with endless helix. Rotate the pole so your ball can land on safe platforms, avoid red ones, and gain the highest score. Are you ready to join this infinity match with a ball and helix?

Rotate With Your Ball And Helix

In Helix Jump, players will rotate the helix and control the falling direction of the ball to achieve admirable achievements. With this style of play, players need to pay special attention to their ball and helix.

A Ball in Helix Jump

The ball will continuously bounce and stay in place. This ball will not face any danger if it lands on safe platforms. Conversely, your ball will break if you land on red platforms. Therefore, the most important rule for the ball is to avoid the red platforms.

In addition, this ball has a special ability. When it falls from a high height, it can generate a huge amount of energy which can destroy even red platforms. When possessing this energy, your ball is kept absolutely safe. Another ball-related game is Retro Bowl where you can play American football with professional teams.

Helix With Rotating Ability

A helix is an object that players can control to create good achievements. To control the helix, you just need to use the mouse and slide. The helix will rotate in the direction of your movement.

Why do we need to rotate the helix?

On Helix, there are platforms including safe platforms and red platforms. Your ball will bounce continuously on those platforms. Therefore, for the ball to fall, you need to rotate the helix to bring the ball to the holes of the platforms. In addition, to keep the ball safe, you also need to rotate the helix to send the red platforms away.

Helix Jump Endless Matches

The matches are endless in Helix Jump where you can get the highest score possible. The game only ends when your ball is burst. Otherwise, you can rotate the helix ad infinitum.