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Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl is considered one of the most popular classic sports games in the gaming world. With American football, you can become a coach for your team! This game will provide detailed instructions for you when you start the game for the first time.

Tutorials For Retro Bowl

Coming to this sports game, you will become a coach and you are starting the first season for your team. Believe in your team to win the upcoming matches!

  • Your first task is to set up your character with criteria such as your name and favorite team. Besides, changing your character is a feature of Retro Bowl.
  • After that, let's enter the Front Office where you can upgrade facilities and staff. If you need detailed information, you can press the i button on the upper right.
  • Then, you can meet your players in the Roster section. In this section, you can see the key players who you will directly manage. To see the profiles of these characters, just click on them.

Player Controlling Way

In the Retro Bowl field, you need to control your character expertly to win.

  • You just need to click and drag in the opposite direction of the running receiver to aim and release it to throw.
  • In order to hand your ball off to your Running Back, you only need to click on the blue circles and use the WS keys to perform a side-step.
  • After running to a quarterback, you can throw your ball backward. Note that you can use the AD key to slow up or dive.