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Angry Mario


Angry Mario is an online shooting game inspired by Super Mario. Aim accurately and shoot down mushrooms, man-eating flowers, and secret gift boxes. Like Super Mario 64, this game will bring thrilling adventures for all players.

How to play

Angry Mario's gameplay is similar to Angry Birds in terms of controls and goals.

How to control

To control this new game, players need to control their crossbows and fireballs.

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to start controlling the crossbow.
  • Move your mouse to change the shooting angle.
  • Release the left mouse button to shoot.

With the three simple operations above, players can aim and shoot their opponents. However, during this control process, players also face some difficulties. First, your ammo is limited. Second, you can only observe a limited area. You can only observe other areas when your bullets fly there.

Note that the bullets are fireballs.

Your opponents

In this Angry Mario game, your goal is to shoot down opponents and advance to the next level. Your opponents are Mario's opponents like man-eating mushrooms and flowers.

If you can shoot down all of these opponents, you can proceed to the next level.

In addition to your enemies, there are secret gift boxes, stars, and obstacles. Try to collect gift boxes and stars and avoid obstacles!

Modes of Angry Mario

This online game has 2 modes: Easy and Hard. The gameplay and controls of both modes are similar but their difficulty is different. Hard mode offers more challenges than Easy mode.

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