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Angry Birds


Play Angry Birds to shoot birds to eliminate pig kings and rescue your friends. Remember to destroy all pig's bases based on your powerful shot! Are you ready to join battles between birds and pigs in an online world?

Battles Between Birds And Pigs

In the Angry Birds game, battles take place between two factions: birds and pigs. These two characters have a feud with each other. The green pigs kidnapped a few birds and locked them up. The remaining birds became angry and determined to destroy the pigs to rescue their friends. Therefore, battles between birds and pigs happen many times corresponding to many different levels.

Angry Birds Levels

This fighting game has many levels to challenge your shooting ability to kill the pigs.

How To Eliminate Pigs

Angry birds will transform into red bullets and are always ready to attack the pigs. Your task is to aim and shoot these birds to the pigs' location. The pigs will be destroyed if they collide with these powerful red bullets. In addition, you can also aim at the surrounding walls because the pigs will also be destroyed by collapsed walls.

However, players should pay attention to their limited ammo in Angry Birds.

How To Shoot Angry Birds

To aim, you just need to use the mouse to drag a bird. After that, release your mouse so this angry bird starts flying towards the target location.