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Guess The Flag


Guess The Flag is an online brain game where you need to give the correct answer within a limited time. The theme of the game is the world flag.

How to play

Unlike A Difficult Game About Climbing, this game focuses on quizzes to test your intelligence. Therefore, the control way is extremely simple.

How to control

In order to play Guess The Flag, players only need to use their mouse and click on the selected answer. If you play this game on mobile devices, you can touch the screen to choose an answer.

This control way allows all players of any age to play this online game. The game challenge is the flag quiz.

Flag Quizzes

This Guess The Flag game offers quizzes by presenting a flag and the names of three countries. Within the time limit, you need to choose a country that corresponds to the flag.

If you choose the correct country, you can proceed to the next puzzle. On the contrary, if you answer incorrectly, this Guess The Flag game will restart. You can restart countless times to score the highest possible score.

Game mode

This Guess The Flag game has 3 modes: Streak, 60 Sec, and Learn.

  • Streak mode: Matches continue until you answer incorrectly.
  • 60 Sec mode: Matches last 60 seconds regardless of whether you answer correctly or incorrectly.
  • Learn: The game always continues with new puzzles.

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