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Jumping Shell


Jumping Shell is a maze running game with a special shell escape mode. Your character can break out of the shell and become an interesting mini cube.

Shell-Escaping Mode

In the Jumping Shell game, your main character is a cube. However, this cube is not the same as the cube in Geometry Dash SubZero. Cube in this new version allows you to escape the outer shell to become a mini cube.

How to Activate Mini Cube

To activate mini cube mode, you need to perform two consecutive jumps. To jump, you just need to press the up arrow key or the W key in the Jumping Shell. When you press the control key a second time, the mini cube will automatically exit its shell and become an independent character. Mini cube has all the same capabilities as the regular-sized cube.

If you want to return to the regular cube, you just need to move the mini cube back to the shell. When the mini cube touches the shell, they will automatically become one.

Effects of Mini Cube

In Jumping Shell, the mini cube is extremely important for overcoming high walls. With this shell-escaping mode, your cube character can perform a jump in the air. As a result, you can jump higher to overcome high walls.

How To Conquer Jumping Shell

To conquer this running game, you need to run to the exit and proceed to the next level. The exits are placed in complex locations and you need to control your cube to conquer these levels.

Let's enter Jumping Shell and conquer all the exciting challenges with mini cube!