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Cats Drop


Cats Drop is an online cat-merging game where you drop cats of different sizes and merge similar cats to create larger cats and get as many scores as possible. Let's join this video game to enjoy a magic merging game!

Merge Cats - A Magic Game

Welcome to Cats Drop, a cat-merging game! In this online game, players have the opportunity to experience magic matches to create bigger cats.

How To Create Larger Cats

With the merging gameplay, players will merge two similar cats to create a larger cat. This gameplay is familiar to fans of Merge Fruit with similar gameplay. However, the subjects in these two games have changed. Instead of combining fruits, you will play with adorable cats.

To make a big cat, you need two small cats. How to have 2 small cats? The game will give you random cats. You just need to move the cat's position and left-click to release. Once dropped, your cat will fall into a giant vase which is your playing board.

Cats Drop Playing Board

This merging game has a limited playing board. All cats need to be placed in this one vase. If any cat falls out of this giant vase, the game will end. To avoid this consequence, players should observe carefully before dropping. In addition, you should also have your own strategies to get higher scores.

Cats Drop Tips With 3 Features

This cat-related game has 3 outstanding features for players to build effective strategies.

cats drop gameplay with 3 features

  • Cat Bar: There is a cat bar at the bottom of the screen. You can follow all kinds of cats here. Thanks to this information, you can know which cat will be created after merging.
  • Next Cat: Cats will be provided randomly and players can know the next cat at the top right square. This is useful data to effectively drop the cats.
  • Change Cat: You can change the upcoming cat by watching an ad. However, you should only use this feature in necessary cases because it will interrupt your gameplay.