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Merge Fruit


Merge Fruit is a popular matching game with countless different types of fruit. Merge 2 of the same fruits to create a new and larger fruit and get points. This game is attractive thanks to the gameplay and graphics. Let's learn about two significant features of this online game!

Merge Fruit Gameplay

This game's gameplay is familiar to fans of matching games. When participating in this online game, players continue to merge similar items. However, there are a few distinguishing features in the fruit-merging process and rules.

Merge Fruit Board

In this merging game, your playing board is a limited board with two invisible edges. You only see the bottom of that playing field. During the game, you can only put fruits into that limited space. In addition, it is impossible for the fruit to fall out because those two invisible walls still work to prevent the fruit.

However, the upper limit of the playing field is a factor to pay attention to. When the fruits reach this position, the game will end.

Merging Requirements

In Merge Fruit, the player's task is to merge two similar fruits to create new fruits. The new fruits will be larger than the previous fruits. As a result, they will take up more space on the playground. However, players should still combine fruits together to win points.

The last fruit is a giant watermelon. Players always want to create this attractive fruit with the highest score. This merging gameplay is the complete opposite of Google Doodle Pizza where you split the pizza into different pieces to meet the game's missions. Each merging game has its own rules and attractions.

Fruit Graphics

Graphics are an impressive feature of Merge Fruit because of the beautiful appearance of the fruits. The developer has designed the game with many types of fruits. Each fruit has its own characteristics and color. In particular, with increasingly larger sizes, players can observe the fruits more clearly.