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Google Doodle Pizza


Google Doodle Pizza is a pizza division game into required portions. Instead of cutting into even pieces, pieces of all sizes are acceptable. This is a new unique game from Google. Let's enjoy together, pizza lovers!

Unique Way to Divide Pizza

This Google Doodle Pizza game brings uniqueness to all players thanks to its new rules. Usually, pizzas are divided into equal parts. However, in this new game, you can break this rule with free cuts. You can cut them into pizza slices of different sizes. It is possible in this new game.

Many new players do not pay attention to these new rules, so they often face challenges the first time they play. However, the levels will become easier when you can master this rule. Besides, the game also requires other regulations when cutting the pizza.

Other Rules of Google Doodle Pizza

When participating in this Google game, you should pay attention to two basic factors: the number of cuts and the pizza slices.

  • Every pizza requires a different number of cuts. It is impossible to use more or less than the required number.
  • Pizza slices will require quantity and ingredients. In addition to the standard number of pieces, these pieces must contain only the required ingredients. These ingredients will be clearly shown with images.

This entertaining game does not limit time, so you can think carefully before cutting the pizza. Once you cut the pizza, it is impossible to go back. In that situation, you can only continue or restart that level. Finally, ì you are a food lover, don't skip Papa's Sushiria, another food-related game on our website. Let's join this game and experience the sushi-making process!