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Papa's Sushiria


Papa's Sushiria is the 10th-anniversary version of the Papa Louie game series. This return brings the famous Japanese dish, sushi to Sakura Bay. This cooking game includes familiar gameplay for all players to learn how to make sushi.

How To Make Sushi

Your main task in Papa's Sushiria is to make sushi and serve it to customers. To complete a plate of sushi, you will go through 4 stations with 4 different stages.

  • Order Station is the first stage when you receive customers' sushi requests. Guests may offer different options for rice, toppings, or drinks. Accurately noting this information will become a good premise for you to carry out the next stages.
  • Cook Station is the second stage where you cook rice according to customers' orders. The game can provide you with 4 different types of rice to serve diners' requests. You can distinguish them by color: white, brown, black, and blue. The most important thing at this stage is to time and wait for the rice to cook before adding sesame oil.
  • Build Station is the next stage to Cook Station to complete cooking. During this stage, you will place the toppings and decorate the sushi. Various toppings include salmon, tuna, cheese, avocado, shrimp, kiwi, etc. Remember to choose toppings based on customer requirements. The most notable thing in Build Station is the arrangement. You need to arrange the toppings perfectly and cut them into beautiful sushi pieces.
  • Tea Station is the final stage to end an order. Making tea is a Japanese specialty and it became a source of inspiration for this cooking game. Making tea online does not have many requirements. You just need to comply with the customer's request.

Papa's Sushiria Destination

The destination of this anniversary edition is Sakura Bay, a Japanese-style location. When mentioning Sakura, players immediately remember Japan with its brilliant cherry blossoms. In this cooking game, you can admire a city in Sakura Bay with traditional Japanese houses, fresh streams, and friendly people. Let's experience something special from Sakura Bay with delicious sushi!