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Tomb of the Mask


Tomb of the Mask is a running game to control your masked geometry to escape tombs with deadly obstacles and poisonous water through Level mode and Arcade mode. Are you ready to join and conquer all modes of this game?

All Tomb of the Mask Modes

There are 2 modes in this Tomb of the Mask game: Level and Arcade. Each mode will have unique features.

Level Mode with Unlimited Time

Level mode will not limit the time for you to conquer obstacles. However, if you have ever played games with no time limit like Scary Maze, you will realize that their challenge is very extreme. These unlimited levels will challenge your control to escape the tombs.

The tombs at each level will have a complex structure like a maze. In the graves, there are bright dots. Your masked geometry needs to collect all of these blips and reach the exit to complete a level. The challenge of each level is in the obstacles and complexity of the tomb.

Arcade Mode With Endless Masked Trips

Arcade mode is an endless mode where you can challenge your movement until you are destroyed. There are two factors that can harm your masked geometry: obstacles and toxic water.

  • Obstacles are similar in Level mode. They are placed in many places in the tomb and can disappear and reappear at any time.
  • Poisonous water will slowly rise to the bottom of the grave. You need to quickly move higher to avoid this deadly water. Therefore, this Arcade mode can also be considered a mode to race against time.

Unlike Level mode, you can choose to ignore the light dots to move forward.

Other Features Of This Mask Game

In Tomb of the Mask, you should also pay attention to Shop, Map, and Mission.

  • Shop allows you to buy masks or superpowers. There are many types of masks to create unique geometric characters. Besides, there are 2 main superpowers: Shield and Coinaddict.
  • Map belongs to Level mode. You can track the number of completed levels and the number of upcoming levels.
  • Mission: After conquering the challenges, you can go to the Mission section to receive valuable rewards from this Tomb of the Mask game.