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Scary Maze


Scary Maze is a skillful game that relies on the steadiness of your hands to move your dot to the destination of each level without any collisions with walls. This moving game is simple but challenging with mazes.

Scary Maze Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is to conquer mazes through each level, but the complexity of these mazes will challenge your ability to move.

Complex Mazes At Each Level

Each level in this Scary Maze game has a unique maze. Each maze will have a complex and unique structure to create difficulty for players. However, these mazes will have the following common characteristics.

  • There are many walls and turns. Complex mazes will not only have straight lines but also turns. Moving through turns is also a challenge for players.
  • The width of the paths is different within the same maze. The roads may increase or decrease in width depending on the game. Some roads can be very wide while others are just extremely narrow.

With these two characteristics, this online game always makes a strong impression on players.

Conquer Scary Maze

To conquer this maze game, you need to move to the red destination at the end of the maze. While moving, you are not allowed to touch the walls. If this happens, you will have to replay the first level. If you succeed, the game will immediately move to the next level. Therefore, when you reach your destination, you still need to be careful.

In particular, when you fail a level, scary images may appear. With scary images, this online game is similar to Afterlife: The Game to play on Halloween.

Are you brave enough to participate in the challenges of this online game? Pick up your mouse and move. The blue dot will move according to your mouse.

Some Tips And Strategies

In Scary Maze, you can get some tips to conquer the game.

  • How steady is your hand? The stability of your hands while moving is the decisive factor in winning this online game. Therefore, you need to practice your hand and keep it as steady as possible. The narrow areas of the maze always require players with high stability.
  • Turning on the sound is a great way to enjoy this Scary Maze game. Although it won't help you play better, you will have a better experience. In particular, when you lose a level, you can only immerse yourself into a match when you turn on the sound.