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Afterlife: The Game


Afterlife: The Game is an adventure game with many minigames. Transform into a cute ghost and complete missions like Fly, Protect, Collect, Party, and Play. The number of minigames is large and has different gameplay.

Afterlife: The Game Gameplay

The online game includes many different minigames and each minigame will have a certain task. You will control your character to complete each minigame.

Ways to Control Your Character

In Afterlife: The Game, you control your character and play with your mouse. You can click, drag, or release your mouse based on each stage. In particular, each minigame suggests which controls to use.

Level to Level In Afterlife: The Game

The gameplay of this online game will take place with many different levels. Each level is a minigame with a unique mission. You can only advance to the next stage if you complete your mission. If not, you need to replay that level. The number of replays per stage is unlimited. If you fancy unlimited games, you can also try Road Fury to experience thrilling races.

Some Examples of Minigames

  • Fly: Your task in the Fly minigame is to fly over obstacles and avoid all obstacles. You can't even touch them to stay safe. To fly, you just need to click to let your ghost fly up and release it to fly down.
  • Protect: You need to protect your past life wife from all dangers. Drag your character in all directions to stop the objects from reaching your wife. You will complete the protection mission if your wife is not hurt.
  • Collect: You will be like a kid joining trick-or-treating on Halloween. Collect candy from all the neighbors within the time limit to complete this minigame. Note that your character can only move on available paths.
  • Party: A Party minigame is a musical mission where you need to hit checkpoints where musical notes are approaching. The speed and frequency of the notes will become increasingly higher, so you need to react quickly to win.
  • Play: You will compete with a child through a video game. During the limited time, the player who clicks on the red button faster will win. This minigame will challenge your hand speed.

There are many other minigames in this Afterlife: The Game game. Conquer each stage and show off your abilities in each game genre!