Road Fury is a driving combat game with endless crowded roads. Drive and shoot down other vehicles moving on the road. Besides, tanks are also a danger to you. How many cars can you shoot? Start this car-fighting game by picking up the steering wheel and starting driving!

Combats Between You And Other Vehicles

In Road Fury, you will control a car with superior combat capabilities. Your car can shoot bullets continuously forward. Therefore, if you drive your car to the right position, you can shoot other cars. In particular, on your way, there are many other vehicles circulating. You can shoot them down and collect coins. Note that you must touch the coins to collect them successfully.

However, in these fights, you will also face challenges. The roads will have 5 lanes. Other means of transport will appear randomly at any given time. Besides, the number of vehicles is also diverse, so you will have difficulty destroying them all. If you can't kill them all, accidents will easily happen and your health bar will decrease. Finally, tanks are a big danger because they can shoot bullets to destroy you. You should avoid all of these attacks.

Other Elements Of Road Fury

Other factors include cars and upgrades. You can unlock new cars with stronger combat abilities. To unlock a car, you need to complete the required tasks in the Shop section. For example, to unlock the double-barreled car, you need to reach level 5, drive 150 km, and destroy 1,500 cars.

Besides, you can also buy upgrades such as shields, gun barrels, magnets, and health potions. Each of these upgrades has its own functionality and their price is $150.