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SuperBattle 2


SuperBattle 2 is a 2-player competitive game with a variety of mini-competitions such as soccer, basketball, racing, and archery. Let's gain more points to win! Can you win all the competitions? Let's play and show your abilities!

SuperBattle 2 Competitions

The competitions in this online game are very diverse. Players have the opportunity to experience many different sports. In particular, these competitions are not only about sports but also about many other fields.

In-Game Competitions

The diversity of competitions is shown on the main screen. Outstanding sports will be introduced to players. Below, you can see a few examples of SuperBattle 2 competitions.

  • Basketball is a favorite sport of many players and you can also experience it in this SuperBattle 2 game. Two players will take turns throwing the ball into the basket within a time limit. The player who receives more points will win. This 2-player competitive sport is inspired by Basketball Stars. Experience it now!
  • Racing is a competition for enthusiasts of speed. Two players must control their car and move to the finish line. The player who completes the race sooner will win.
  • Flappy is a famous online game and it is also a mini competition in this online game. Two players fly together and avoid giant pillars. To find the winner, this competitive game will rely on the survival time between two players.

There are many other sports. Press the Play button and the game will take you to a random mini-contest.

SuperBattle 2 Controlling Way

To control your characters in mini-competitions, you just need to use the up arrow key and A key. Each player owns a control key. In addition, the game will also provide controlling instructions on the main screen.

Multiplayer Tournaments

To participate in tournaments, players need to create at least two profiles that represent two teams. You can absolutely create more profiles to make the tournament more intense. Teams will take turns competing with each other through 2-player competitions to find the final winner. These mini-competitions are similar to the regular mode.