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SpiderDoll is a parkour game with the Spiderman character. Let's use your web to move through rooftops, eliminate enemies, and avoid the chase of a monster! This online game is special thanks to its character like a ragdoll.

Spiderman Ragdoll

In this SpiderDoll game, your character is a Spiderman with web-using abilities. However, your character also has the characteristics of a ragdoll. Let's learn about this special character together!

Web-Using Abilities As Spiderman

Your character has the abilities of a Spiderman and the outstanding ability is to use a spider web. You can use the web for two purposes.

  • The first goal is movement. You can move from one building to another and from one roof to another thanks to the spider web. Spiderman can shoot webs and cling to walls. After that, Spiderman can swing the web to move.
  • The second goal is to attack. You can attack enemies by shooting web balls. These balls are capable of great damage. In addition, you can also use spider webs to cling to enemies. Then, pull or push them off the buildings.

Ragdoll In SpiderDoll

Your character not only has the characteristics of a Spiderman but also of a ragdoll. Your character's legs, arms, and body are difficult to control. They are always swinging and need your control. These two characteristics are completely similar to a ragdoll.

This similarity can lead to challenges for players because the controls become more difficult.

How To Control SpiderDoll

To control your character, use the mouse to shoot the web. To activate web balls, press the spacebar. This control is similar to how to control your stickman in Stickman Climb 2. You can come to this new game to learn guides to control Stickman.