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Geometry Dash Bloodbath


Geometry Dash Bloodbath welcomes you to wonderful lands in which you must encounter deadly obstacles. Join the adventure with the cube to hunt for secret coins.

Developed by a Riot player, this game is rated with 10 stars for difficulty, the highest level to date. It even increased to 7 stars compared to the Geometry Dash SubZero version. With such a difference in difficulty, this new version is quite picky because a lot of participants can't conquer 10% of the map.

Map Structure In Geometry Dash Bloodbath

The map structure is extremely complicated in this bloodbath version because the obstacles are intertwined to form the death path. These challenges will require a lot of effort and time to conquer and reach the finish line. Let's divide the map into parts and analyze them in detail together!

In the first part of the map, spikes appear at the top and bottom of a tunnel. You need to move through that thorny road with extreme challenges. After that, pedestals and moving saws will appear and make up the second part of the map. The third part will impress you as it includes gravity switches and mazes of spikes.

The fourth part will consist of sharp spikes which can hurt you. Moving through this area, you will reach the area where the spikes and the moving saw wheel are combined. The challenge is getting more and more extreme. Overall, all parts of the map are very nicely designed and highly challenging. The number of times to participate in the challenge is unlimited and you should prepare mentally and persevere. Surely, your number of challenges will be many when participating in this new version. This is recognized by many participants.

This map is more complex than the map in Run Sausage Run where you can run straight.

Mistakes And Tips To Conquer

When participating in this Geometry Dash Bloodbath game, players often make some basic mistakes. Recognizing these problems, we will provide you with some effective strategies to conquer them. Let's find out in the following two main parts!

Basic Mistakes Of Players

The first mistake is haste. This game has a high difficulty, so it always requires patience and precise coordination in controls. Rushing only makes you face more mistakes while you also don't have the right moving plans. For these two reasons, you can fall into developer pitfalls.

Besides, players can become frustrated by not being able to complete challenges and keep making mistakes in the same place. It can create discouragement and mistakes follow mistakes

Finally, not remembering the conquered obstacles is also a mistake because you can completely be destroyed in the next stages and have to play from the beginning. In this situation, remembering obstacles will help you overcome them more easily in the next stage.

Good Tips To Beat Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Study levels to create your own move strategies. You can do research through previous attempts or watch YouTube videos. These videos are helpful for you to keep track of the obstacles and dangers you will face. Besides, don't forget to focus and stay patient so as not to make mistakes. Wish you have successful journeys and conquer extreme challenges in Geometry Dash Bloodbath!