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Backrooms is an online escape game with a closed maze and red eyes looking at you. Let's find the exit thanks to your colorful eyes before unexpected events! Come to this new game now to explore the maze and show your bravery in danger!

Backrooms Details

This escaping game will bring players into a maze with a complex structure and require them to escape. All of the players know these game features, but there is no officially provided detail. Therefore, let's follow the 2 sections below to understand better about this Backrooms game!

Space In In-Game Maze

When participating in this online Backrooms game, you will enter a maze with a special design. The maze consists of many rooms and corridors. These structures will connect together to form a complex maze. In particular, there are no windows in this space. Therefore, you always feel an invisible pressure when entering these rooms. The silence of the space will make you nervous because you don't know what will appear next. In this scary backroom, any danger can happen and you need to be ready to confront them.

There are "friends" waiting for you in this Backrooms maze. These friends will not attack you at the beginning. However, if you look at them for a long time, their eyes will become red before they start attacking you.

Your Missions In Backrooms

When entering this gaming world, you need to move and find a way out for yourself. However, there will always be challenges to hinder your quest. Overcoming these difficulties is your priority to protect your safety. Surprising elements are indispensable when you explore a completely new space. Therefore, always be prepared! You should also look around and find useful objects to support your exploration journey.

In particular, protecting yourself from friends is extremely important. In order to complete this protection goal, players should use headphones to listen to surrounding sounds. This is a key feature for players to detect the appearance of friends.

Wake Up With 3 Modes

This Backrooms game includes 3 modes: Classic, Deaf, and Free mode. These 3 modes have the same escaping task, but there are some different conditions for players to experience the maze. This feature is completely similar to Geometry Dash SubZero Press-Start where you also can enjoy 2 modes with the same mission.

  • Classic Mode has 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Backrooms. In this mode, players have to follow continuous sound to find the exit. The sound fades away and plays again based on the difficulty level. The eye turns colorful when you look toward it.
  • Deaf Mode continues to require players to find the exit to complete a Backrooms match. However, in this second mode, players need to follow a way that doesn't chance them. It's exactly your exit. Your eyes also become colorful when this exit is toward you. When playing this mode, you also meet "friends", but they can't backstab you as in the previous mode.
  • Free Mode is the final mode where you can play with normal conditions. There are no special features for players of Backrooms to experience. However, it's also an attractive point because players can enjoy the original characteristics of this escaping game.