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Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 is the latest version of the Super Mario series to become Mario to perform missions. This version requires you to find the princess's cake.

About Super Mario 64

Welcome to the new online session of Super Mario! The Mario character appears in various games and Super Mario Uno is an example. Each Mario game brings unique experiences. This is version number 64 with a completely new mission: find the princess's cake. Like previous Mario versions, in this new version, players can transform into Mario characters. This character has the ability to move quickly to explore new environments. In Super Mario 64, you will take on a challenge in a castle. The princess and the cake can be anywhere in this castle. Let's start looking for the princess and the cake now!

How to Find the Cake

Winning the cake is your ultimate goal in Super Mario 64. You must find this cake to win. To perform this mission, you need to know how to control your Mario first.

How to Control Mario

  • Use an Enter key to choose.
  • Use a Z key to jump.
  • Use an X key to attack.
  • Use TFGH keys to move.

Challenges Of Super Mario 64

With the above method of movement, players can explore the entire castle and conquer challenges. The hardest challenges are the bosses that will stop you in different areas. When you face bosses in Super Mario 64, destroy them as quickly as possible and move towards final victory. These battles are as challenging as SuperBattle 2.