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Bubble Shooter


Bubble Shooter is a classic shooting game where players shoot bubbles to create bubble sets of the same color until their bubbles reach the finish line. Let's start and enjoy this classic game and win the highest score!

Win Bubble Shooter Scores

To win points in this arcade game, players need to shoot bubbles according to the rules of the game and points will be calculated based on your results.

Bubble-Shooting Requirements

In Bubble Shooter, it is simple to shoot bubbles because the players just need to click. Move your mouse to change the aim and click to shoot. With just these two simple steps, players can shoot an unlimited number of bubbles.

However, players need to follow some rules to successfully shoot bubbles. First, you need to create sets of bubbles of the same color. With 3 or more bubbles of the same color, you can remove them and get points. On the contrary, if there are less than 3 bubbles of the same color, the game will continue as usual.

During the bubble-shooting process, players constantly add bubbles to the game screen while the game also provides new bubbles automatically. Therefore, if you don't quickly remove the bubbles, the screen will quickly fill with bubbles. In this case, the bubble will easily reach the finish line and the game will end. This is the second rule for all players to shoot bubbles.

Scoring Rules in Bubble Shooter

The game will calculate points based on the number of removed bubbles. If you can remove many bubbles, it means that you will claim many points. In particular, large bubble sets will give players high scores.

This Bubble Shooter game is endless so the players can earn as many points as possible. Based on your score, you will have different rankings.

Notes When Shooting Bubbles

When shooting bubbles, you not only pay attention to the current bubble but also to the next bubbles. The next bubble will be placed in the reserve. You can use this data to implement your own strategies.

In addition, this Bubble Shooter game offers some special bubbles. For example, you can use multicolored bubbles to combine with any color on the game screen.

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