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Temple of Boom

Temple of Boom is an action shooting game with two modes where you will move into ancient temples to fight dangerous monsters and tomb robbers. This action game will bring you various exciting features with 2 modes.

All Temple of Boom Modes

When you join this shooting game, you can choose any mode you want.

The first mode is Singleplayer. In this mode, you can choose Level or Endless sub-modes. These two modes will differ in the duration of a match. Level mode will take you to each stage while Endless mode will last continuously with no time to stop. You will constantly fight with your guns to destroy monsters and grave robbers.

The second mode is Two Players. In this mode, you and another player will take turns participating in each match. These matches will take place with duel rules. The player who is destroyed first will lose and the remaining player will win. When participating in 2P mode, you should pay attention to your health bar.

These two modes have different gameplay but have a few similar elements. You can collect guns from secret chests and first aid boxes to increase your character's health.

How To Control

Singleplayer Mode

  • Up Arrow - Jump
  • Left&Right Arrow - Move
  • Z - Shoot
  • Down Arrow - Collect Weapon

2 Players Modes

Player 1

  • W - Jump
  • AD - Move
  • S - Collect Weapon
  • C - Shoot

Player 2

  • Up Arrow - Jump
  • Left&Right Arrow - Move
  • Down Arrow - Collect Weapon
  • K - Shoot