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Candy Clicker


Play Candy Clicker online to click endless candies and unlock exciting upgrades. No one can resist the entertainment this clicking game brings!

How to play

No game can be easier than this Candy Clicker game because it's extremely simple to play. Although it has the same control as Flappy Bird, this clicking game is easier because of its gameplay.

All that you need to do is to CLICK on the candy on the screen to produce new candies. The number of produced candies will correspond to how many times you click.

However, this rule can change when you unlock upgrades and receive their benefits.

After playing this game, you can join Rise Of Neon Square and Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari to have thrilling races.

Upgrade Uses

In order to use upgrades, you need to unlock them first. To unlock upgrades, you only need to use your created candies and unlock them in the Shop section. Each upgrade has a unique price and advantages. All information is fully provided in the Shop section. You can see this section at the right bottom.

In addition, there is significant information for all players, the most candies in the world. Recently, the world record is 1179841.1Q. Can you overcome this record and become the leading player of Candy Clicker?