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Rise Of Neon Square


The cube's unknown adventure in Rise Of Neon Square will take you on a mysterious maze exploration. A series of dangers are challenging your cube's health.

The Cube Character

This Rise Of Neon Square game is inspired by the famous Geometry Dash series, so the iconic cube character will also appear. In this game, you will transform into a cube with a simple and familiar design.

You can see a familiar square but it is designed in neon white. This Cube has a face with two main expressions: expressionless and sad. Each emotion will be expressed at different stages of the journey.

In terms of abilities, the cube character can move with the arrow keys and jump to avoid dangers.

Rise Of Neon Square Gameplay

This game brings the familiar gameplay of the Geometry Dash series but is also new to the adventure genre. Let's learn about the uniqueness of this Rise Of Neon Square game!

Unique Gameplay Combination

You control your cube like the way you move in Geometry Dash with the arrow keys. However, your cube will not automatically move forward. Instead, the cube in Rise Of Neon Square needs your control to move forward.

In addition, while the cube in Geometry Dash can only move forward, you can go back in this new game. You can return to previous paths to explore other niches in the maze.

Health In Rise Of Neon Square

Another unique thing is your cube's health. You need to make sure that this health bar is not depleted to continue with the next challenges.