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Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash takes you to the original world of the geometry series with three outstanding levels: Stereo Madness, Back On Track, and Polargeist.

The number of these levels is more than Geometry Dash Bloodbath and each of these levels has its own characteristics.

Stereo Madness Of Geometry Dash

When speaking of the easiest level as well as the most popular level in the gaming world, Stero Madness is the first choice. This level is considered a starter level because it is the easiest level to introduce players to the gameplay and controls. Through the basic features, new players can quickly grasp the rules and progress to more dangerous stages.

In this level, the main obstacles are spikes and blocks. Besides, you will also see the appearance of jumping pads to support jumping in the first segment. Hidden coins will also be provided. Note that collecting coins is optional, you can collect or skip them. The coins just make the game more fun and thrilling.

2 Ending Geometry Levels

Following the first level, players can access Back On Track, and Polargeist. The two levels have higher difficulty and Polargeist is the hardest level in this original version.

Back On Track is the second level and it is famous for its catchy music and fast-paced beats. The background of the game is also a highlight when combining purple and blue. These two colors have created a romantic but also mysterious scene. The obstacles in level 2 are similar to level 1 but their arrangement has changed. The obstacles will be arranged in a more complicated way.

Polargeist is the last and also the most challenging level with high speed and a variety of obstacles. This level is designed with two colors blue and white and lively background music. Players will need to use jumping rings to conquer this level because the obstacles often form a sequence. It is impossible to move in an ordinary jump.