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Goober Dash


Goober Dash is a competitive running game where you participate in multi-player races. With your jumping ability, can you reach the finish line first?

How to play

For any online game, control is the most important factor to win.

How to control Goober Dash

To control your character, you only need to grasp the following two principles.

  • ARROW - Move
  • SPACEBAR - Boost

In Goober Dash, you can move with the arrow keys to move forward and backward and jump. Besides, you can accelerate with special powers by pressing the spacebar. However, this power can only be performed when you have enough energy, the bar above your character's head.

Your mission

When you control your character, you need to compete with other players. Like Fish Eat Fish, this Goober Dash game is a multiplayer game. Therefore, run as fast as you can to become the winner.

Note that this game is divided into several rounds and you need to meet the requirements to advance to the next matches. If you cannot win, you must restart.

Try to win against other players and get to the top of the rankings.

Notes for Goober Dash

In this online game, players should pay attention to obstacles. The obstacle system is as complex as G-Switch 4. Obstacles can destroy your character and you have to return to the starting line. As a result, you will waste a lot of time and lose the opportunity to win.

In addition, don't forget to go to Custome Game to create unique races. This Goober Dash game supports players to create their own racing tracks. This is a unique mode in addition to other modes such as Skin, Level Editor, and Time Trials.