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Fish Eat Fish


Fish Eat Fish is a multiplayer fighting game with an ocean theme. You will become a little fish and dive underwater to compete with other online players.

The Ocean Theme

The ocean theme is familiar to online players. Players can encounter this theme in many online games. HGf is an example. When you join this Fishing Online 2023 game, players can explore the ocean with diverse fish species. Besides, you can entertain yourself through fishing.

This Fish Eat Fish game also focuses on the ocean theme. However, this new fishing game is an online fish battle.

Fish Online Battle

In Fish Eat Fish, the fish are the main characters of every match.

Main Character of Fish Eat Fish

Your main character is a small fish and you can control this fish to move in the endless ocean. This character is familiar because ocean themes often focus on fish. In particular, your fish is more likely to focus on multi-player battles.

The Abilities Of Fish

In Fish Eat Fish, your fish can increase in size by collecting food or eating smaller fish. This ability allows you to compete with other players and become the leading fish.

However, octopuses can make you move slowly or reduce your size. Therefore, be careful with the octopuses in Fish Eat Fish.