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G-Switch 4


G-Switch 4 is the latest version of the G-Switch series where you own the ability to switch gravity and overcome obstacles in the space environment.

Mission Of G-Switch 4

In G-Switch 4, you control a character who runs continuously across platforms and walls in space. However, unlike regular running Geometry Dash Remastered game, you can switch gravity to stick or bounce from surfaces. As a result, you can enjoy the challenging experience of adjusting gravity, avoiding colliding with obstacles and falling into deep holes.

Features Of This Running Game

The Multiplayer Features

A special feature of G-Switch 4 is the multiplayer feature. This feature allows you to challenge and compete with other players on the same level. You can play with friends on the same device or join online mode to face off against players from all over the world. This is your chance to show off your control skills and reaction time and see who can achieve the highest score.

Graphics Of G-Switch 4

G-Switch 4 has simple graphics and bright colors. In addition, it also has suitable sounds, creating a feeling of excitement and tension during play.

Join G-Switch 4 and enjoy moments of excitement as you strive to achieve your best performance.