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Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird is a super famous game with special controls: click to fly up and stop clicking to fly down. How many piles can you fly over in this game?

Special Ways to Control Birds

The Flappy Bird game has similar controls to Geometry Dash Easy because both games are clicking. However, your bird will fly while geometry will jump. In addition, your bird can fly up or down to adapt to each terrain. All of these actions only require you to click or stop clicking to perform.

Although the controls are simple, it is very difficult for players to get high scores in Flappy Bird. Why? Let's find out together in the next part about the challenges!

Flappy Bird Challenges

The challenges of this online game mainly revolve around controls and piles.

Difficulties From Bird Movement

Your bird can fly up and down according to each player's controls. However, when you click on Flappy Bird, your bird can fly up and down quickly. Rapid changes in altitude can cause players to face difficulties. It is not easy to stabilize your bird's altitude.

Piles In Flappy Bird

The piles in this game are placed a certain distance apart. However, the gaps vary on each pile. The spaces can be high or low depending on the Flappy Bird match.