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Geometry Dash Easy

Geometry Dash Easy is the easiest version in the fan-made geometry series with the MrcheeseTigrr developer. Even, it is easy for both new players.

Geometry Dash Easy Difficulty

The difficulty of this version is rated 4 stars, the number of stars is lower than Geometry Dash Ice Cave and other online versions. With this change in difficulty, the number of participants can increase because more players can conquer this level. Other versions often have high difficulty with complex obstacles. This makes online players face a lot of difficulties to conquer them. Even, many players can't finish their journey no matter how hard they try. It is why this new version is released with easier difficulty. Maps and obstacles become simpler. In particular, the game does not trap you in dangerous areas or use deadly items to trick you. Your task is simply to run through the obstacles available on the main screen.

Available Obstacles On The Main Screen

At the beginning of this Geometry Dash Easy game, you will face three spikes immediately. However, the spikes are far apart and they give you time to react. If you join other versions, the distance between the spikes is short to test your ability. In this new version, that distance is longer and it's your chance to jump over them to proceed to the next areas.

After that, you will advance to more dangerous areas as blocks and spikes combine to form dangerous paths. Sharp spikes can appear even above the ceiling. Moreover, the elevation of the platforms and blocks will be higher. These challenges are getting harder and harder. However, they are still kept at 4 stars to be suitable for many generations. You can be confident to run in this game and high scores will be easy to achieve if you try.