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Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro


Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro is the custom version of Macho21 with a dark theme and music. Be the talented conductor and jump all the way to music!

Experiencing many different versions, players can see the maintenance of old traditions in later versions. This version is no exception but it will bring you innovations.

Innovations in Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro

There are many innovations in this geometry version. You will see it from the first time you join the challenge. Let's start with the first point: the theme of the game.

Theme Of The Game

Instead of taking you to the winter world in Geometry Dash SubZero, this new world opens up paths with dark themes and music. The shadow's paths become more murky and cold with dark tones as the main color. It seems that darkness covers this entire geometry world. Even, your character becomes darker from color to expression. Being in such a scary world, the more you have to become braver to conquer the game.

Besides, Macho21 was very ingenious when incorporating musical elements into this version. You are like a conductor creating other songs of his own. After your jump moves, the sound will continuously reverberate to create a realistic feel.

With these two themes, the game is like a hand-to-hand battle between darkness and sound. The darkness always wants to blacken everything and bring horror while the sound is always vibrant and wants to make this world of geometry come alive. Which element will win this war? It all depends on your control.

Practice Mode In Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro

Practice mode is often not popular in custom versions. Usually, you will see this mode in official developer versions. However, Nacho21 has been very enthusiastic when releasing the Practice mode for other players. In this mode, you can train your abilities while using checkpoints to support. Note that this mode may be repaired and re-locked at some stage. Therefore, you may not be able to access the Practice mode. In this situation, you can just wait or go into Official mode right away. Now, let's take a look at some of the outstanding obstacles in Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro.

Some Outstanding Obstacles

There are many obstacles in this version of Duelo Maestro. However, in this section, we will only mention the three most prominent obstacles.
The most familiar obstacles are spikes with frequent occurrences. You can see them in many different locations such as the ground, roofs, platforms, or walls. They will destroy your character with a single collision.

  • Following the spikes, you will see many moving platforms in different directions. These platforms will be challenging as you need to time your jump carefully and avoid falling off these platforms.
  • Finally, saw blades are also extremely dangerous when they can move or not. Saw blades are usually circular and they are not uniform in size and direction of movement. Conquering these obstacles is extremely difficult and challenging for many players.
  • In conclusion, this new custom version of Nacho21 will give players 10-star difficulty with the Practice mode. Let's challenge now!