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BasketBros is an online sports game where you compete against other players. In particular, the game provides special basketball skills for players.

How to play

To play basketball in BasketBros, you can use the following control keys.

Controls of BasketBros

  • WASD to move and G to throw
  • ARROW to move and L to throw

With these control keys, you can control your character on the field and throw the ball into the basket. In particular, you can control your character speed instead of moving following the default speed like Geometry Dash OMG Aliens. However, to achieve effective operations, you need to use these control keys at the right time. In particular, this BasketBros game is a fighting game with other players, so control is the key factor to win.

How to win

Each BasketBros match lasts 60 seconds. During these 60 seconds, the player who gets more points will win. This game doesn't focus on the endless gameplay in Geometry Dash Motion.

To win points, players need to throw the ball into the basket. Each successful throw gives you valuable points. In addition, long-distance throws will give you more points.

Features of BasketBros

  • 3 modes: 2 Player, Tournament, and Practice.
  • Intense competitive basketball gameplay.
  • Various characters with famous players.
  • Simple controls and eye-catching graphics.