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Geometry Dash OMG Aliens

Geometry Dash OMG Aliens takes you to explore an alien planet with your character's top-notch jumps. Do not be afraid of these mystical creatures!

Geometry Dash OMG Aliens Theme

This game has a special theme: space and aliens. You can see this theme right from the start of the game. First, the background is purple which is the typical color for an infinite space. In particular, purple does not appear in the first place. The purple background only appears after 2 seconds with your character's movement. It makes players think of movement in reality. Your character is moving from shadow to brighter focal areas in search of safety.

However, the truth is much more challenging when the place you go to is full of dangers. Your character moves to a dead planet which is the second theme of this version. Not every living thing can live on this land. However, below the iceberg, a lot of aliens are watching you. They hide behind blocks, a dangerous area for your character.

Note For This Design

This design belongs to Danzme, a talented player. He designed this game based on the fantasy of aliens with his favorite sounds. When you join this new journey, you should focus as much as you can because the obstacles are the most dangerous in the recent versions. It is comparable to the obstacles in the Geometry Dash Super Cycles version, which is considered to be one of the most challenging games

Besides, do not forget to pay attention to your achievements with high scores. It represents your efforts when participating in this running game. In particular, the game will also honor your efforts with a leaderboard. Your highest achievements will be proudly stored on this board for you to follow or for other players to compare.