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Geometry Dash Super Cycles


You are invited to join the adventure in Geometry Dash Super Cycles. Coming to this new geometry world, let's be smart to use jumping pads and rings.

These items will be placed in special locations where you can get benefits but can also be a danger.

Items In Geometry Dash Super Cycles

The items in this custom version are divided into several categories including useful items and risky items. Let's dig into them in more detail with our jumping pads and jumping rings first.

Jumping Pads And Jumping Rings

These two items are extremely common in different geometry versions. They are used to support your jumps as you can jump higher or jump in the air. With this benefit, you can utilize them to conquer tough challenges like high walls or a series of spikes side by side. Without these two items, you may not be able to conquer some of the tracks. In this version of Geometry Dash Super Cycles are similar in their function.

However, there are some traps that use jumping pads and jumping rings to put your character to death. For example, in the early stages, a jumping pad will appear on a block. When you use it, your character will jump upwards and crash into a wall of thorns. Very dangerous! In this situation, you need to let your character avoid the jumping pad by letting it fall to the bottom and a jumping ring will support you to make the next steps. The combination of jumping pads and jumping rings is extremely rhythmic and offers many interesting challenges for players. Through it, we also see Jax's ingenuity in design to bring interesting journeys. Next, let's learn about other items that can appear in the game.

Other In-Game Items

Besides jumping pads and jumping rings, you can see coins and stars. These two items will mark your achievements. For example, 10 stars are considered the signature symbol for this version. Collecting all 10 stars means you have completely conquered it. However, this journey of conquest is extremely arduous when challenges constantly come your way. You need to use all your personal skills to overcome them and progress to admirable success. In particular, high scores will appear on the leaderboard to honor your efforts.

Some Tips For Beating Difficult Areas

As you probably know, this version includes a lot of difficult areas with a combination of traps and power-ups, so you need to be alert enough first to distinguish them. You need to quickly recognize which traps are and which are beneficial items to collect. This ability can be dependent on the individual ability of many players. If you feel you are not good enough, you can practice and observe the traps. If you got caught in the trap once, memorize it and avoid it the next time you try. There is no better strategy than this one and you can also apply it to the Geometry Dash SubZero version. Finally, don't give up and persevere! Don't let the challenge stop you and discourage you. Just keep trying and success will come to you!