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Geometry Dash Motion

Geometry Dash Motion emphasizes your character's ability to move through all sorts of complex difficulties with 10-star levels and some key features.

This game is a new version on our website and it attracts many players every day. You can see this demonstration in the daily chart.

Daily Leaderboard

The game always gives you a leaderboard to keep track of the top scores daily. Each time you participate, you will receive some of your points. This score is calculated based on the time and distance run. Through that, the player's skills can be converted into specific points for comparison.

A leaderboard will be listed and appear on the main screen where we also see a leaderboard for Geometry Dash Meltdown. Looking at this table, you can see the names and high scores of the players. Every day, this leaderboard is filled with the names of talented players. Through it, you can see how much people love this game. Currently, the highest score is 100 for ayumu58 and pixelgitch. These two players are very talented and often compete for the top 1 on the leaderboard. Can you achieve the same admirable achievements as them? Challenge yourself with new features!

New Features of Geometry Dash Motion

As you may know, this game emphasizes the mobility of the players. The challenge lies in the arrangement of obstacles and items. They create an extreme maze with entangled dangers. The players must constantly change the direction of movement to combat these challenges. It is not simple to win 100 points in this new geometry dash game.

Moreover, this game is rated 10 stars on difficulty and it is always in the top 10 most popular geometry games. The challenge of the game makes it receive a lot of love from the participants. All the dedication and efforts of the developer Taman have achieved success through the number of players and the number of likes.