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Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a business simulation game with the special character, Monkeys. The mart's host and customers all are monkeys with smooth-moving abilities.

Abilities Of Monkeys

This online game is inspired by the habitat of monkeys. However, it was humanized to manage a supermarket. There are many games with similar inspiration and Magic Cat Academy 2 is a prime example. When participating in this new game, you will transform into a magic cat to destroy the ghosts that attack the underwater world through 5 stages. Returning to the Monkey Mart game, you will transform into a monkey to build and manage the supermarket. This monkey has the ability to move smoothly based on the talented design of the developer. Besides, don't forget to plant trees and take care of animals to harvest products for sale. This adorable monkey can also collect money from customers. As a result, you always have many tasks because you have a lot of possibilities for the supermarket. This is why monkey staffs appear.

Staffs Of Monkey Mart

The staff of this entertaining game will help you with supermarket tasks such as collecting goods, transporting them, and collecting money. These tasks are all taken by you at the start of the game. However, once you have enough money, you can hire employees and let them take over. In particular, you can upgrade employees to increase their productivity. Besides, do not forget to pay attention to these employees because they can fall asleep at any time.